Become a Bert's Dealer

We'd love to be on your team.

Why become a Bert's dealer?

Love boating, business, and profit? If so, then Bert’s Custom Tackle wants to partner with you! Bert’s is a branch of Tecla Co., established in 1897. That’s over 120 years of US manufacturing experience! Bert’s is the original fishing track system. Instead of carrying the knock-offs, carry the original US-Made Bert’s Custom Tackle and see the difference.

Boost Revenue

Margins are important, but without sound revenue growth, what good are high margins? Bert’s Custom Tackle’s product and pricing plan is tried and true. High quality products, high margins, and much higher revenue. See for yourself!

Be Rewarded

Do your suppliers reward you just for being a great partner? Bert’s does! Earn discount and other offers just for staying in regular contact with us!

Business Upgrade

Never waste time trying to find updated pictures, descriptions, or new products. Bert’s keeps you updated through the use of the latest technology! As a business partner you can freely roam our product information so you can choose the photos and ads that are right for your business, at your convenience!

Satisfy Customers

Bert’s high quality products are backed with a life time limited manufacturer’s warranty! Sell with confidence, your customers will be highly satisfied and show it with their loyalty and future business.

Join Our Community

By partnering with Bert’s you will benefit from our marketing and social media efforts! We have thousands of customers visiting our website and social media posts every day. Join the Bert’s family and have potential customers directed to you!
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