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We love the feedback we get from Anglers fishing the top tournaments around the world. Our customers on the tournament trail have a fire inside that drives them to the next level.

We understand and share that fire, that passion to be the best. The Anglers using Bert’s Custom Tackle products rely on our innovative design, superior quality, and relentless desire to be number one on the water. Therefore, every product that leaves our factory with pride has Tournament Tested, Reel World Proven Performance…it’s what we do! 

Here is a list of tournaments you may find of interest:

We enjoy developing long term relationships with Elite Anglers to learn the regionally diverse methods of fishing for every species of fish around the world.  Our Product Specialists 

Help us to develop and test new products to enhance our customers on the water experience.  If you are an Elite Angler with a proven track record, enjoy working with the public through our dealer network and are willing to submit to a background check please contact us.