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Pete Maina

Pete Maina is North America's number one authority on Muskie and Pike fishing. He was named as one of the "Top 20 Anglers on the Planet" by Outdoor Life Magazine (June/2011). The TV show he hosts on the Versus Channel (now part of NBC Sports) "The Next Bite" was awarded "Best Overall Outdoor Fishing Program" by the 2011 Outdoors 360 Programming Excellence Awards, and he was also a top five finalist for the Best On-Air Talent Award.

Pete is internationally known for his prowess with muskie, northern pike - big toothy fishes! He is an entrepreneur, an accomplished author, a professional photographer, TV show host, speaker and OWAA member (Outdoor Writers Association of America). Pete currently has two books published on muskie fishing. Pete also produces educational videos and DVDS and is a very popular speaker and "personality" at fishing events and sport shows throughout North America.

Pete works on product development and promotion with the top companies in the fishing industry, specializing in large-predator tackle and associated products. Conservation and "fisheries health" are extremely important; ultimately most important! (As well as having fun, so Pete's goal is combining great how-to information/education with FUN, asking "Who Says Fishing Ain't Cool?) Realizing this, Pete has been a leader in educating and promoting catch and release, selective harvest, proper (most fish-friendly) handling - and simply getting folks excited about putting "Fisheries First" for decades.

Pete also one of the hosts of The Next Bite TV on Versus/NBC Sports. He has appeared as an expert on numerous TV shows, regularly-so on the Midwest's most popular TV show - "John Gillespie's Waters and Woods", as well as Pete partners with other well-known fishing personalities and they appear on one another's show as guests. Pete is a guest on Dave Mercer's "Facts of Fishing" and Mark Zona's "World's Greatest Fishing Show” and "Zona's Awesome Fishing Show"; and has filmed multiple muskie segments for Bass Pro Shop's "Outdoor World".