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Captain Dan Marshall

Captain Dan Marshall, Your primary paddling guide


  • Over 38 years of paddling, guiding training & maritime experience
  • U.S. Coast Guard licensed Master Captain with four additional certifications
  • Paddling, Water Safety, & Boating Instructor with three organizations
  • F.C.C. Marine Radio Operator
  • ETA International Marine Radio & Satellite Communications Operator w/ seven licenses
  • Advanced First Aid, CPR & ADE w/ Certifications in Nine Classifications
  • OSHA Maritime Related Trainer w/ nine types of certifications
  • Coast Guard annual Medical Physical Examination & Fitness w/certifications
  • Coast Guard DOT/ USCG Maritime Periodic Drug Testing w/certifications
  • DOT Extended Transportation Permit
  • Homeland Security Merchant Mariner Certification
  • U.S. Government Seafarers’ Certification
  • U.S. Government Maritime Transportation Workers Identification


  • International Maritime Identification Credentials
  • Military Sealift Command Approval for Active Duty

In Captain Dan’s own words, “These qualifications may be a bit over the top to paddle a lake, but would you be less dead if you drowned in a lake paddling or at high seas on a ship?" Point well taken Captain!